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This page contains basic information on using the Bizcom Online Service. Bizcom has developed this interface to help new users, and seasoned veterans, browse important and useful resources with extreme ease. From Business and Finance, Entertainment and Games, to up to the minute News and Weather reports... There is something for everyone at Bizcom.

Although, Not Required:
Bizcom's easy to use interface is optimized for
You can access the free download area and get it now.

With Netscape 2.0, you will have an easy to use directory, be able to view all the animations, display a clock that keeps correct time (MST), and with the VDOLive Plug-in you can view streamline video, right on the page.

If you already have another browser - That's OK ! There's no reason why you can't have two.

If you have Netscape 2.0

You see the Directory here.
This directory will be your guide through all your surfing. Anytime you want to return back to the main directory or would like to choose a new directory, simply click on the button.

Right Mouse Button: when you would like to go back one page at a time, Do Not Use The back button on your browser. Simply move the cursor onto the page you'd like to page back and click your right mouse button a little window will display, select back (or forward).

Not Netscape 2.0?

Your main directory is an imagemap on Bizcom Online's home page. You will have to use your 'back' button on your browser, or the menu options above, to navigate to and from the directories.

FTP - file transfer protocol

To download files from our ftp site, simply click on the item you wish to download, then save to your hard drive. Create a Bizcom directory. You can download all your files into this, or any directory you designate.

BBS - Bulletin Board Service

To use the BBS, simply choose the topic you would like to participate in. Enter this area, and you may post any questions or comments you may have. Others will be able to read and post back to your messages. The cool thing about this BBS, unlike other online services, the responses to your posts are kept together with your original message. Much like a newsgroup posting.

Help with Bizcom!

This Help Section is still under development, new info is added and updated weekly. Updates are made as more FAQs come in. Should you require special assistance, we encourage you to email: . A response will be sent back to you quickly.

Currently, we are in the process of developing and online tech support area. Soon to be available.

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